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White rice serum essence moisturizing anti wrinkle anti-allergy face Intensive Face Lifting deep Firming nourishing gel 

Item Type: Face Serum
Gender: Female
Formulation: Liquid
Feature: Whitening
Model Number: Face serum
Ingredient: Glycerol
Certification: GZZZ
Certificate Number: YGZWBZ
Product name: White rice tender skin essence
Net weight: 15ml
Efficacy: Help to nourishing skin, moisturized and let your skin to be tender
Date line: See the packaging

Product Descriptions

Collagen Shrink Pores Hyaluronic Acid liquid Moisturizing Face Serum White Rice Skin Care Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Cream


Nourishing tender and smooth   Soft moist and shiny skin

Replenishment and moisturizing

Plants essence

Nourishing and moisturizing skin

Water tender soft and smooth

Water embellishing    Nourishing    Moisturizing



Replenish required water for skin

Clean dirt

Skin shiny moist soft and tender


Gently care of tender skin

Pure fresh

Skin clean fresh and moist

Product Name: White rice tender skin nourishing essence  

Net Weight: 15ml

Product efficacy: Contains white rice germ essence, to help nourish and moisture skin, replenishment and moisturizing, to make skin shiny moist soft and tender.


Plants skin care

Take you together to feel the moist soft and smooth skin care experience of white rice.


the tender skin

Nourishing soft tender skin


Plants skin care   Nourishing moisturizing soft tender and beautiful skin

Taking care of shiny moist tender good skin

Nourishing shiny and tender

Rich plants extract ingredients to help nourish tender skin Replenishment and moisturizing,

Replenishment and moisturizing, to help skin to lock moisture and make it water embellishing and comfortable.

Water embellishing soft and smooth

To make skin soft tender and water embellishing, carefully take care of and add credit for skin.

Delicate tender and smooth

Skin delicate tender and smooth, to show beautiful and charming princess look.


Skin soft tender and water embellishing

Water tender and comfortable, give skin complement moisture and lock water moisture 


Gentle nourishing and moisturizing, rice flower soften and tender skin

Replenishment and moisturizing, delicate soft and smooth

White rice nourishing soft tender and shiny skin

To feel the nourishing skin care of white rice, carefully take cate of shiny moist and tender skin.


Rice ingredients, nourishing beautiful skin

Rice is skin care ingredients, the rumor that the rice water is the traditional Chinese skin care beauty method, can nourish skin, it is gentle and not stimulated, to make skin shiny clean and moist, refreshing and balancing, to give skin a soft moist delicate and smooth feel.

Skin care ingredients

Careful selection

Rice powder    mycoses   Sodium hyaluronate    Glycerin


Water embellishing and good skin

Replenishment and moisturizing, skin water embellishing

I love this essence bottle so much, I only used a few times and the skin feels so moist and the effect of replenishment is so good.

Soft tender skin, gentle nourish and moisture skin

I don’t need to worry the dryness problem of skin any more, soft and moist, easy to absorb, skin is not greasy, and I also love the light fragrance smell.


How to use

1. After the normal facial cleaning procedure.

2. Use the palm of hand or make-up cotton to apply appropriated amount to the face.

3. Don’t give pressure to the skin, gently use the pulp to play small circles.

Tips : Recommended daily use 2 times (morning and night) adhere to continues use, to help and improve skin. 


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